How to Live Up to Your Own Expectations

Sometimes we set higher standards for ourselves, and our goal becomes to attain more material possessions. But is that what satisfies you? How can you live up to your own expectations? 

Too many times, we do not want the right stuff. Every time we aspire to something, we should ask ourselves, "Is that what I want? Will it make me happy? Will it make my family happy?"

Of course, for most people, money is a needy thing. They feel they would do a lot better if they had much more money.

How can somebody be happy with his own lot? The answer is: Live simple. Expect little. Give others.

It's in giving others and gratitude for what you already have that lies the real secret. Help others and be thankful for your life.

They will work bountifully to give you more assets and wealth. You will have enough. You will not have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck.

The other two conditions: "Live simple" and "Expect little" work wonders. You end up getting more beyond your expectations.

Yes, thinking small often helps you to reach higher and higher. You are only expecting little, but you are true to your family and work. The Universe sees that and is happy to give you more. In this connection, you need another criterion that is happiness or high vibes.

Once you have high vibes but expect little, live simple, help others, and are true to your family and work, the Universe conspires to give you a large amount of wealth beyond your expectations.

So, if you ever had a fleeting thought that having money considerably could help you better, yes, provided you follow the above conditions, you will meet your expectations.

Pray to God, the Almighty, and let Him know your desires. Then forget, let go and stay detached. This way you allow money and wealth to roll in.

But if you always worry and check on why money hasn't shown up yet although you have expressed your desires to the Universe, it creates blockage and you do not allow money and wealth to pour into your life.

Look upon the concept of money as a good thing. Express your desires for it but stay detached and in high spirits. Don't think further about it.

You will let it enter your life when the Universe decides it is the right time. So, hold your patience, do what you love, and let go. Money will land upon you 10-folds or more.

This is exactly how you live up to your expectations. It can be your goal, but you do not continuously check on it. Try the tips I mention here in this article and see how it goes. What I have said is actually a rule of thumb, and if you follow them, wealth and money are sure to follow you. Gotcha?

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