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Starburst 20oz Drinkware Tumbler

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Starburst 20oz Drinkware Tumbler is a perfect gift for any occasion. The 20oz glass Passion of Essence T-Shaped Drink Jars are made from stainless steel and feature the name of each piece in an elegant design, making them the ideal accessory to have on hand at any party or celebration!
These are all custom made by Passion of Essence
20oz Drinkware one of a kind. Come with a straw and box.

Great gift for family and friends, girls night out, wedding parties, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Fourth of July, Veterans and all Holidays.

We do large parties gifts you can make your request by sending me a message.

We provide gift wrapping services as well at a small cost. Add this to your bundle Today!

Handmade only
Hand wash only Do not wash in your dishwasher
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